It Has An Answer For Everything

Just saw this Kia commerical on TV. I guess it’s for their 2014 (already?) Kia Sorrento. The tagline is “it has an answer for everything.” I’m not super keen on posting commercials here because I’m not a fan of offering free advertising, but the events depicted in the commerical seem pretty accurate to how I’d probably approach the situation, so I found it quite funny. Funny enough to jump right over here and make a post. Enjoy.

Meet Zorro!

I was heading out of town for a bit, so Zorro decided he wanted to come along for the ride, too! I’ve been promising pictures of my cat for a while now, so finally, OP has delivered!


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The New Myspace: First Impressions


I should probably qualify this post by noting that I am *not* a Myspace veteran. In fact, until earlier today, I never even had a Myspace account. I only really joined the social networking craze with Facebook, and that was a whole two years later than when I graduated high school. I’m clearly not a cutting-edge guy when it comes to this stuff, but maybe that will make my opinion more meaningful to the average user, who knows?

Myspace is a fusion of a lot of things you’ve seen implemented before.

You can shout short status updates a la Twitter, connect with other users in much the same way as Google+ (it even uses a similar circle graphic), and see what your friends are up to on the news stream (this is pretty standard, though it DOES scroll sideways). It’s possible that Myspace almost wants to be too much, and in a way leaves the user confused as to what it is. At least when I first jumped in, I felt rather disoriented…and the whole setup (outside of the admittedly slick visuals) had me wondering what the advantage was. After all, my time—just like all of yours—is valuable, and I’m not going to bother with a network that doesn’t offer a tangible benefit.

Don’t think of Myspace as a typical social media site.

Believe it or not, there is a benefit, and to me, it’s a doozy. Remember when Spotify turned heads by offering free, legal streaming music without having to worry about a limited number of skips (like Pandora)? Myspace has the potential to take things just one step further. While Spotify has some restrictions on how much music free subscribers can listen to, it seems Myspace does not have these limitations at this time. Even if it does, this is a significant value-add over Facebook and Google’s offerings. I personally never found Spotify’s social aspect to hold much appeal, but with Myspace being much more built around the idea of being social and spreading content virally, I think it will settle in just fine.


Have you tried the new Myspace? What did you think? Also, be sure to connect with me at!

Be The Change

Many people see voting as the beginning and end of their civic involvement. Some are so apathetic as to not vote at all. And yet, it seems, everyone wants change. It is a natural human instinct, I suppose. If things are bad, change them so they are better. If things are good, change them so they are better still. But these days, people expect that change to come extrinsically, as though certain people ought to be tasked with changing the world while the rest of us wait. Let’s take this as a reminder that we are all citizens of the world, and the most powerful movements are ones that start from the ground up. It doesn’t have to be anything major, but if you believe in something and see a need for the world to take a step forward, live that change you wish to see. If you reform your behavior with truth, others will see that light and be inspired, too.

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Jeremy Clarkson on Knockoffs

Perhaps you’ve heard of the British show Top Gear. If you haven’t, it’s a show about cars. But even if four wheels and an engine aren’t your cup of tea, there’s plenty of room for entertainment just from the humor. There are plenty of episodes on Netflix if you’re interested in checking it out. Below is just a snippet of Jeremy Clarkson’s humor.

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A Cloud in a Room

What you are looking at is—rather obviously—a picture of a cloud in a room. Now, you might not be that impressed, since these days, any clown with a little time an a copy of Photoshop could whip together something like this. But not so fast, there’s no special effects wizardry at play here, at least not in the way you’re thinking. This is actually the work of an artist named Berndnaut Smilde. He actually has to carefully regulate the conditions in the room, and then add a short burst from a fog machine to create a temporary cloud. Yes, sorry to burst your bubble, these clouds are really only good for photography purposes, since they dissipate so quickly. If any of you evil scientists were thinking of a way to control the weather, Smilde isn’t your guy.

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Some of Hubble’s Best Pictures

The Hubble Telescope has been providing us with breathtaking views of the cosmos for over 20 years. Not only do its pictures give us a glimpse of the massive expanse around us, but they serve as an inspiration: a testament to mankind’s achievements so far, and a reminder of how much more there is still to do. Enjoy.

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The Art of the Slam Dunk

Now, I wouldn’t call myself a fan of Vince Carter, per se, but I do believe in giving credit where credit is due. And that man (at least in his prime) was an incredible dunker, perhaps one of the best the league has seen. I remember as a young kid, the first NBA video game I got was NBA Inside Drive 2002. The opening video culminated in Vince’s famous 360-windwill dunk from the 2000 NBA Dunk Contest (reproduced below), and it had me hyped.

Then, at the Olympics, Vince topped that. During a game against France, Carter stole an outlet pass and slammed it down. Over a 7-foot tall man. Don’t believe me? Be sure to check out the video below. And while you’re at it, let me know in the comments who you think is the best dunker of all time.

Just a Dream Cover

If you haven’t heard of Kurt Schneider, Sam Tsui, and/or Christina Grimmie, they’re YouTube sensations when it comes to making music. Christina has actually parlayed her online success into a recording contract, while Kurt and Sam go to college together to hone their craft. Now, I’m no music expert, but I think they’ve done a terrific job covering Nelly’s “Just a Dream.” Give it a listen, you just might be glad you did.

Cleaning the Litter Box

Ok, I admit that I maybe don’t clean out my cat’s litter box quite as often as I should. He’s a good sport about it, though, and doesn’t raise much of a fuss. Frankly, I’m not sure he knows any better, so there’s that, too. But whenever I DO get around to cleaning out his litter box, he always feels the need to commemorate the occasion with a fresh deposit. Silly guy. I still love him, though!


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Extra Sleep Rage

Not only does this happen to me all the time, but then, since I’m tired, I start to justify adding extra sleep in 15 minute increments thinking it’ll help matters. It doesn’t.


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What Could Go Wrong?

Looking online for some gifts (not that I really do the whole gift-exchanging thing), I stumbled across this little gem: an iPhone case that also doubles as a pepper spray canister. Oh boy, sounds perfect right? After all, if you’re holding your phone and someone comes up to you and demands you hand it over, you’ve already got your weapon right at your disposal! While this sounds great in theory, let’s remember that 99.9% of your life is going to be spent NOT being harassed by a would-be robber. That means all of the value that this…innovation…has offered is offset by the day-to-day inconvenience of holding a can of pepper spray at all times. Say you’re fumbling around in that giant purse looking for something and you happen to bump your phone. Oops! Pepper spray all over your keys and wallet. Or maybe you hand it to an unsuspecting friend who wonders “what does this button do?” Bam! Pepper spray IN THE FACE! Or what if you’re just in the bathroom getting ready to take a sexy new profile picture. Finger slips and…looks like you’re going to have to evacuate the room on account of pepper spray everywhere!

Let’s also not forget that pepper spray itself is not nearly as useful as you might think: it can blow back in your face, and if your assailant gets a hold of it, he/she can use it on you. So you safety-minded ladies and gentlemen out there, perhaps this is one gift you’d be safer without.

What Would Your Dream Home Look Like?

I’m still many, many years away from buying a home, but sometimes it’s fun to think about what I’d want in a house. One of the more interesting rooms in my opinion is the kitchen. There’s such a variety of appliances and different ways to organize things that I think a well-done kitchen may be the most noteworthy room in the whole house. After all, there’s really only so many ways you can arrange couches around a TV, am I right?

I happened across this little design portfolio, and a couple of the ideas jumped out at me (reproduced below):

I’m a big fan of clean, modern looks, and I think the bright white countertops are definitely something I’d emulate. While the second image looks like something I’d naturally find myself inclined to (dark wood contrasting with the whites and a pretty minimalist design), the first one really surprised me with its use of color. I definitely enjoy having a splash of color in my day, but I’ve never really had any ability when it came to implementing it. With inspirations like those above, maybe (when I’m finally ready) I’ll be able to get at least one room just right.

Share The Love

This holiday season, maybe you can brighten two lives at once. I’m sure you or someone you know would love to have a pet, and doesn’t a kitten (or puppy, or adult cat/dog/hamster/rabbit/guinea pig) sound like the perfect surprise? Just look at those eyes, can you really say no? Winter can be very cold, and all these animals want is a bit of food, shelter, and love. I adopted my cat, Zorro, and he’s been nothing but a bundle of joy. So if you’ve been thinking of getting a new pet, why not adopt? Check out or to find your new pal!

You’re A Kitty!

Ok, so the header of this blog promises cat pictures. Well, how about a cat .gif? That little guy is the tiniest, cutest little thing ever! I’m watching it on loop as I’m typing this, and it never gets old. It also reminds me a bit of my own cat. Even though he never cuddles quite like this in bed, he does like to sleep on my bed at night instead of his own. He also loves to climb up on my lab and purrs all the time. I’m pretty sure he actually thinks I’m a cat and is under the impression he will grow up to be like me one day.

Also, the title of the post is a reference to the following XKCD:

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Why I Always Show Up Late

This always happens to me. I hate showing up to class/work/etc at anytime other than a nice, round number, and have literally wasted hours trying to time my departure just right. The sad thing is, I don’t even do anything productive with that remaining time, I just procrastinate some more until I’m on the verge of missing the next hour, too!

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Music to Run To

Usually this is the type of thing that you might find as a weekly tip on The Soapbox’s Weight Loss Wednesdays, but since I’ve put that blog on hiatus until February (posts on that blog require a greater time investment that I can’t afford for the next couple of months), I thought I’d just drop this in here.

I just stumbled (literally, using StumbleUpon) across a website called Have you ever wasted a bunch of time trying to put together a playlist to listen to while going jogging? Usually the first thing I do when I get the motivation to run is sit back down (lazy me) and make a new iTunes playlist. But usually I struggle to find a good collection of songs that keep me equally amped up all the way throughout. may not be the answer to all of my motivational issues, but I think it does offer one really neat service. Now you can search for songs based on their beat, either by beats per minute (bpm) or by the pace you plan on running at. They have a sizable database it seems, so no matter the genre you’re into, I think you’ll get a good number of useful suggestions.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Shooting for the Moon

This was one of my favorite quotes growing up (and I love the fact that this image actually cites Les Brown). As a child I always wanted to be the best at whatever I did (particularly academics, but I was competitive overall). Seeing this was a reminder to always strive for my best.

These days, however, the quote has taken on a different meaning for me. Too often we (and this includes me, as well) forget to stop and smell the roses. We’re always in a rush, on to the next thing, and to what end? To reach the moon? Perhaps it is sometimes worthwhile to take a breath and celebrate where you are now, even if it isn’t what you originally imagined. This isn’t to say we should stop shooting for the moon—not at all—but what’s the harm in appreciating the stars you’ve encountered along the way?

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Corgi Overload!

I dare you to look at this and not say “Aww!” I’m more of a cat person myself, but if I was getting a dog, it’d almost certainly be a Corgi! So cute and they always look so excited! How many exclamation points can I cram into a post!?


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Brain Damaged Patient Communicates Via MRI

Ok, this may be more than just mildly interesting, but since we don’t have a “SUPER Awesome TOTALLY Rad dude!” category, it goes here. Doctors in the UK have apparently used MRI techniques to communicate with a patient who was believed to be in a vegetative state. Specifically, the technique is fMRI, which takes advantage of the fact that when you use parts of your brain, more blood flows to those areas, and they “light up” on screen. Using previous data from other patients as a control, doctors were able to ask the patient a series of yes or no questions, and they believe they’re getting accurate results. While MRIs are still huge and very very expensive, who knows what this kind of research means for future patients who have lost all means of communication, but still possess the ability to think.

Definitely check out the link below for the full article…this is sci-fi stuff, folks!

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3D Printing Movie Props

3D printing has been all the rage lately, though it’s far from widespread. Check out this neat usage by the makers of the new Bond movie, Skyfall. In order to prevent damaging a precious rare Aston Martin, the special effects team opted to have 1:3 scale replicas printed to use for explosions. It’s somewhat of a blast from the past to a time before CGI, but instead of having to handmake models, now we can print them out in a fraction of the time.

Really neat stuff.

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