Brain Damaged Patient Communicates Via MRI

Ok, this may be more than just mildly interesting, but since we don’t have a “SUPER Awesome TOTALLY Rad dude!” category, it goes here. Doctors in the UK have apparently used MRI techniques to communicate with a patient who was believed to be in a vegetative state. Specifically, the technique is fMRI, which takes advantage of the fact that when you use parts of your brain, more blood flows to those areas, and they “light up” on screen. Using previous data from other patients as a control, doctors were able to ask the patient a series of yes or no questions, and they believe they’re getting accurate results. While MRIs are still huge and very very expensive, who knows what this kind of research means for future patients who have lost all means of communication, but still possess the ability to think.

Definitely check out the link below for the full article…this is sci-fi stuff, folks!

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