Music to Run To

Usually this is the type of thing that you might find as a weekly tip on The Soapbox’s Weight Loss Wednesdays, but since I’ve put that blog on hiatus until February (posts on that blog require a greater time investment that I can’t afford for the next couple of months), I thought I’d just drop this in here.

I just stumbled (literally, using StumbleUpon) across a website called Have you ever wasted a bunch of time trying to put together a playlist to listen to while going jogging? Usually the first thing I do when I get the motivation to run is sit back down (lazy me) and make a new iTunes playlist. But usually I struggle to find a good collection of songs that keep me equally amped up all the way throughout. may not be the answer to all of my motivational issues, but I think it does offer one really neat service. Now you can search for songs based on their beat, either by beats per minute (bpm) or by the pace you plan on running at. They have a sizable database it seems, so no matter the genre you’re into, I think you’ll get a good number of useful suggestions.

Check it out and let me know what you think!