What Could Go Wrong?

Looking online for some gifts (not that I really do the whole gift-exchanging thing), I stumbled across this little gem: an iPhone case that also doubles as a pepper spray canister. Oh boy, sounds perfect right? After all, if you’re holding your phone and someone comes up to you and demands you hand it over, you’ve already got your weapon right at your disposal! While this sounds great in theory, let’s remember that 99.9% of your life is going to be spent NOT being harassed by a would-be robber. That means all of the value that this…innovation…has offered is offset by the day-to-day inconvenience of holding a can of pepper spray at all times. Say you’re fumbling around in that giant purse looking for something and you happen to bump your phone. Oops! Pepper spray all over your keys and wallet. Or maybe you hand it to an unsuspecting friend who wonders “what does this button do?” Bam! Pepper spray IN THE FACE! Or what if you’re just in the bathroom getting ready to take a sexy new profile picture. Finger slips and…looks like you’re going to have to evacuate the room on account of pepper spray everywhere!

Let’s also not forget that pepper spray itself is not nearly as useful as you might think: it can blow back in your face, and if your assailant gets a hold of it, he/she can use it on you. So you safety-minded ladies and gentlemen out there, perhaps this is one gift you’d be safer without.